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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Monday's Adventure

Monday I had a Doctors appointment with my Physiatrist. He specializes in brain injuries. The visit went well, since I had been having seizures more frequently and they were more intense, my Dcotor increased my medication dose for the medicine I take to prevent seizures. So far, so good. It has been two days, almost three since I had a seizure. Thank you Jesus! 

After my appointment, my Parents and I decided to drive a short distance to the nearest Ulta! I was excited. I shop on their website, but Monday was the first time actually shopping in one of their stores. 
As you can see from my shopping bag, I took advantage of the trip! I may post about the items I purchased at a later date, or do a haul video.

My bag was stuffed with goodies!

After shopping, my Parents and I ate at P.F Changs. They have delicious food!

I like the statue of a horse outside their building. There was another one on the opposite side of the building.

Isn't he cute! 

We started off with lettuce wrap appetizers. Yummy! They taste good!

I ordered some kind of chicken and fried rice, maybe I cannot remember the name, but it had pineapples cooked in it. Also delicious.

How has y'all's week been so far?  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello Blog World

I have missed you....  No, really I have!

See my excitement?  Ok, so this picture was taken earlier in the summer, but it does convey my happiness to be blogging again.  I am responsible for having stopped, but, I am back now! 
Over the past few years it has been all to easy for me to switch from blogging to Facebook, Instagram and text messaging. Oops!  I found out I miss blogging, so I am going to try to make it a part of my weekly routine once more.  I realize I have said this in the past, but maybe it will stick this time. (I have probably said that too!)
A lot has happened since my last blog post, which was in May I believe, to announce the birth of my new horse Cupcake. My youngest nephew named her, and it fits. I like to think of her as my Red Velvet Cupcake. Doesn't the name fit?
This picture was taken a day or two after she was born. She will be three months old August 27th so she is much bigger now. I don't have a recent picture on my computer, but I do on my phone so I will blog it later on.
Last month, July 28th between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm, my horse Sunshine gave birth to a beautiful filly, we named Ginger Robyn.  She is Cupcakes sister, since they have the same Father, but different Mothers.   Ginger Robyn is a beautiful paint horse.  She is white with ginger color patches. She loves to dance around, and has a graceful, delicate, yet spirited movement when she dances around. We decided Ginger Robyn fit, instead of Ginger Rogers like the dancer. Ginger for her color, and Robyn after my middle name.  I do not have a picture on my computer of her, but I have a lot on my phone, I will upload one later on as well.  
Hmmm let's see, there is a lot that has happened between my last post in May and now, as I stated, but at the moment I need to print off paid invoice receipts and package orders to mail out today.  If you are interested in buy jewelry and accessories, or DIY jewelry and craft supplies I would love it if you visited my etsy shop (http://etsy.com/shop/MardiRobyn) or followed me on Instagram @MardiRobyn and @MardiRobynSupplies   the latter has over 700 supplies posted and available for sale!
Happy Day,

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Today is a New Day

Today is a new day.
My past does not define me.
I leave it all behind me.
I will never be the same.
When the devil tries to remind me
of my sin and shame from yesterday
I will remind me Him, Jesus forgave me
when I called His name.
His blood covers my sin and I will never be the same.
~*~Mardi Robyn~*~

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Lesson from my Horse

Saturday I let my horses Shiloh and Shy'Anne out on the grass pasture. My Daddy planted it a few weeks ago and it had grown enough to let the horses on it for a few hours.

The gate to the horse pasture connects to the grass pasture. As I opened it I called Shiloh and Shy'Anne. They heard my unlock the chain on the gate and came running around the barn. Shy'Anne was so excited she wasted no time running through the open gate and frolicking on the grass. Shiloh on the other hand stopped just outside the gate and looked at me questioning if he could go through the gate. It wasn't until I told him "Shiloh go on, it's ok" that he went through. 

Later that night it hit me. How many times have I seen God open a gate for me, standing there smiling waiting for me to run through and enjoy the green grass of His blessings and instead I stopped outside the gate and ask if He is serious, if it's really for me.  It is amazing the lessons God will teach me through my animals. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anti-Stress Face Mask with Dead Sea Minerals

Tonight I decided to try this Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals by Freeman. I purchased it from www.Ulta.com a couple months ago.

A smurf? No. The Cookie Monster? I do like chocolate chip cookies!  It's a blue face mask! I like the color.

Unlike some face masks I have used, you don't have to wet your face before applying the blue cream.  Simply smooth the cream on your face and neck, be careful to avoid getting it in your eyes.  Let it sit until it drys and wash it off with warm water. I used a wash cloth to wipe it off. I always make a mess splashing water on my face to remove face masks or face wash like in commercials.

I like Freemans Anti-Stress Dead Sea Mineral Face Mask. I could feel the stress an tension leaving as the lavender and other ingredients in the face mask did their job. This face mask not only helps relieve stress but it clears pores and smooths your skin.  The directions on the tube instruct one to use the face mask twice a week or as needed. I have found a new face mask I like. I will definitely use it again and again.  Have you tried this product or any other face masks recently? What is your favorite?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Miss Dixie Sunshine

    August 10th my Parents and I went to a horse ranch to look at a black and white gelding paint horse.  He was pretty, but when I saw him I knew he wasn't the one for me.  Instead this beauty caught my eye from the road as we pulled into the ranch driveway. 

I believe God said "Mardi, she's the horse for you." I also believe He let the horse know I was going to be her new owner because we had a connection from the start.  

While we were getting out of our vehicle, this beautiful mare came to the pasture fence nearest us and let out a beautiful neigh and shook her head up and down, as if to say, "I'm here! Pick me!"  She stared at us the entire time we were looking at the gelding and talking to the owner of the horse ranch.

Upon inquiring about this beautiful mare, the owners got her out of the pasture and demonstrated how well behaved she was and easy to ride.  The older gentleman who owns the ranch let me ride her, he lead me around and showed me how to steer the reigns.  She was smooth and easy to ride. I felt comfortable on her instantly.  We made sure to tell the man about my dirt bike accident and head injury, and that I needed a horse that was well trained and easy to ride, one that would train me to ride since I did not have any experience riding a horse by myself.  He was kind and understood the situation and said in his opinion this horse was perfect fit.   My parents and I agreed. We signed the papers and agreed to bring our horse trailer the next day and pick up my horse!

Monday, August 11th, we brought home my eight year old American quarter horse. Excited does not begin to describe how happy I was.
A few days after we brought her home, we loaded her back up into the horse trailer and took her to our Vet for a check-up to make sure she was healthy.  She did great at the Vet.  The Vet drew blood for the coggins test, and gave her a shot, she didn't mind at all.  The vet even dug her fingers into her ears to check for ticks.  I was impressed at how well my horse behaved.
It was at the Vet that I decided to name my new horse, Dixie Sunshine, thanks to the help of my Parents and Sister.  The name fits her well.

I love Miss Dixie Sunshine. It did not take long for us to bond. Each day the bond increases. She is a wonderful horse.  

Look at how beautiful she is!

She likes to prance around in the pasture and show off for us and my other two horses.

I enjoy taking her out to play with her and let her eat grass in the yard. She has grass in the horse pasture, but you know the saying, "The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence."

I like this picture of my three horses. I took this the first day we let Sunshine out in the pasture with Shiloh and Shy'Anne.

Such a beautiful girl.

I like how her coat shines.

My sweet Dixie Sunshine.
On Labor Day my Daddy and I saddled her up. Isn't she pretty!  I didn't realize that she stuck her tongue out at me until later that evening when I was looking at the pictures I had taken. 
Thank God and my Parents for Miss Dixie Sunshine, our adventure is just beginning!


PayPal Here Reader

  Yesterday I received this gadget in the mail. My PayPal Here reader. I downloaded the app for it onto my phone. I am excited to use it. This will help my business grow. When out and about or doing Festivals I can use the PayPal Here reader which will allow customers to pay for jewelry and jewelry making supplies using their debit or credit card. The transaction is safe and the seller and customer are protected through secure transactions with PayPal! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It Is a Beautiful Day

The bright, warm sunshine beckoned me to come outside and enjoy the day, that and my puppy Bama sitting by the patio door patiently waiting to go outside and play.

So I took a break from packaging orders, grabbed my laptop, and a bottle of water and went outside to sit under the gazebo with the patio fan blowing while I updated tracking numbers.

It is beautiful out here. Warm sun, my Bama chasing dragon days and running with his toy football. My horse Shiloh neighing every few minutes letting me know he is ready for his sweet feed and oats. I love to hear him neigh. The sound is the most hauntingly beautiful sounds I have ever heard. It thrills me and brings a smile to my face.  

I love the smell of the outdoors and the fresh cut grass my Daddy cut yesterday. I am enjoying my time outside so much that I had the urge to blog about it.

I am feeling a lot better these days, everyday brings a new discovered healing along this road of recovery.  I feel at peace and that is a wonderful feeling.
I feel more alive and less confused. My faith is growing and my love for God increases day after day.

My God is good!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

To Be Rather Than To Seem

"Esse Quam Videri."
"To Be Rather Than To Seem."
This is the Manning family crest and motto.  If I were to get a tattoo of a quote, it would be "To Be Rather Than to Seem."   I saw this Saturday on my Daddy's geneology website and it jumped out at me.  I love quotes. I collect quotes and blog them on my blog Simply Quotastic, but I had not been able to find a quote that I could say was me.  Several quotes fit me, and there are many that speak to me, but nothing seemed to jump out and say this is YOU. That is until I read the quote above.
I do not wish to merely seem to be something. I want to actually be it.   I do not wish to seem like I am walking in the will of God and pursuing His calling, I want to actually do it. I do not want to seem like I am who God called me to be. I want to BE who God called me to be. I want to be the woman He created me to be, not just seem like it.

A View Through My Eyes: Week 20

My pretty Bama Boy enjoying the air conditioner in the truck!

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